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Speech of our Prime Minister in Presentation Meeting of GAP Action Plan

Mister Prime Minister Recep Tayip ERDOGAN's
Speech in
Presentation Meeting of "Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Action Plan and Hastening of Prioritized Projects in Other Regions" (2008 - 2012)
May 27, 2008 - Diyarbakir

Honorable Guests,

Dear citizens,

Highly Esteemed Press,



I salute you with deepest feelings of my heart in this meeting.

Today, we have gathered here to start a great move that I find very important for the welfare and sustainability of Turkey, especially our Eastern, Southeastern and Central Anatolian regions.

Hereby, I would especially like to mention the satisfaction I have from meeting here in Diyarbakir with you for the announcement of this great event.

As you know, we have come here to this gathering with half of my cabinet friends, parliamant members, bussiness men, non-governmental organizations.

We all experience the same excitement, the same joy today.

This big step forward we took as the government is "The New Action Plan for Southeastern Anatolia Project and Hastening of Prioritized Projects in Other Regions".

We have completed our detailed action plan about these projects known as GAP, DAP and KOP. We have determined our financial resource, linked the works to be carried out to a solid schedule.

These projects will form results that will change the fortune for both our regional people and all the nation from all over Turkey.

These are salvation projects that will eradicate economic development and social development differences between our regions and relieve us from problems that underdevelopment has brought such as unemployment and immigration.