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Presentation of Minister of Development Doc. Cevdet Yılmaz

Southeastern Anatolia Project is the biggest project that Turkish Republic has carried out with its own resources, efforts and experiences both in financial and technological terms. GAP is a contemporary regional development project not only in terms of the physical sizes of it, but also because of the approach it has for human development. Southeastern Anatolia Project is an investment made towards the future of all us. Investments made to GAP, will provide benefit in terms of providing competition power to Turkey in the World and for Turkey's self-sufficiency.

Southeastern Anatolia Project Action Plan that our honorable Prime Minister has announced in Diyarbakir on May 27, 2008 has been initiaded with the purpose of fulfilling fundamental infrastructural necessities in order to improve welfare, peace and happiness of citizens in the region, for acceleration of economic development and social development. It has been decided in year 2008 that a big part of Southeastern Anatolia Project, priorly irrigations shall be completed within five years, GAP Action Plan has been prepared and the financial resources needed were provided. GAP Regional Development Administration has created a system on monitoring the 4 main axes within the scope of GAP Action Plan, 73 actions and more than 300 projects and activities that fall under these actions. Developments within the scope of the plan are being reported in three months terms parallel to information coming from organizations, they are discussed in GAP Action Plan Monitoring and Direction Committee that gathers once every six months and necessary decisions are again taken in Supreme GAP Council that again gathers twice each year. Besides, these developments that are closely followed are shared with public.

Our approach that aims improvement of welfare and income level of Regional people, providing new job opportunities and betterment of social life, increasing irrigation and product diversity, restructuring of economy priorily with development of agriculture based industry, transformation of GAP Region to a giant worksite, making GAP Region attractive for investors inside and outside the country with GAP Action Plan finds support from all parts of society. Within the frameworks of these developments, a movement in the Region that can easily be seen is experienced.

I express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to and has effort in Southeastern Anatolian Project that will continue without stopping in years 2011 and 2012 too, that we will be recalling with pride in our history of development individually and in the name of our Government.