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05.05.2011   • Press Visit within the scope of GAP Action Plan has been made with the hosting of Minister of State Mister Cevdet Yılmaz.

05.02.2011   • Works on GAP Regional Organic Agriculture Set Development Project continue...

01.02.2011   • Access Of Private Sector To Financial Resources Briefing Meeting Has Been Held In Diyarbakır

26.01.2011   • GAP Action Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Meeting Has been held with the presidency of Minister of State Mister Cevdet Yılmaz

07.01.2011   • Works in Suruç Tunnel construction which is world’s 5th longest water transmission tunnel are continuing with speed.

07.01.2011   • Physical realization in Mardin-Ceylanpınar Main Canal 1st section construction has reached 87%.

05.01.2011   • Within the scope of the GAP Action Plan measures taken in order to facilitate access of SMEs to financing and extended credits have been increased.

05.01.2011   • Gaziantep University Technopark is active. Efforts for establishing Technopark at Dicle and Harran universities continue.

05.01.2011   • As a result of the investments made within the scope of the GAP Action Plan, enrolment rate in pre-school education surpassed the Turkey average. 2790 classrooms were opened in Primary Education and 208 classrooms were opened in Secondary Education.

05.01.2011   • In the Southeastern Anatolia Region, 1435 quality beds were engaged and 76 health facilities were completed within the 2008 – September 2010 period.

05.01.2011   • 3 Multi Purpose Community Centres (ÇATOM) were opened within the scope of the GAP Action Plan.

05.01.2011   • Within the scope of the GAP Action Plan, significant developments have been achieved in irrigation investments which form the principal axis of the Southern Anatolia Project.

05.01.2011   • 426 projects were included within the scope of the GAP Rural Development Investments Support Programme within the 2008-October 2010 period.

05.01.2011   • Within the framework of the organic agricultural activities in the GAP Region, organic fruit gardens were established on an area of 3710 decares, one compost production facility was established, and 370 farmers were trained.

05.01.2011   • Total area of land consolidation and on-farm development services projects in the GAP Region is 2.061.287 hectares.

05.01.2011   • Batman Airport Terminal Building was opened on the date of 29.08.2010.

05.01.2011   • Şırnak Airport has been tendered on 12.02.2010 and the construction has been started.

05.01.2011   • As of September 2010, 26.107 housings were completed in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

05.01.2011   • 3 Development Agencies (Dicle, Karacadağ and İpekyolu Development Agencies) have commenced their activities in the GAP Region.

05.01.2011   • Press Visit has been carried out within the framework of the GAP Action Plan.

05.01.2011   • Science and Technology Festival has been organised at Gaziantep University.

05.01.2011   • Festival Continue In GAP