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Within the scope of the GAP Action Plan measures taken in order to facilitate access of SMEs to financing and extended credits have been increased.

In the GAP AP, it was envisioned by KOSGEB to reach to a total of 1225 enterprises and to support new investments of 153 million TL in 2008-2012 period. As of September 2010 this target is surpassed, number of enterprises to benefit from the regional development plan has increased to 5650, credit volume became 326.6 million TL.

194.8 million TL commercial credit was extended by Ziraat Bank in 2008. The amount of commercial credit extended increased to 205 million TL in 2009 and to 379.5 million TL as of the end of September 2010. 145.4 TL of this amount has been extended to SME enterprises.

296.5 million TL agricultural credit was extended in 2008. This amount increased to 411.1 million TL in 2009 and to 514.8 million TL as of the end of September 2010. The ratio of the agricultural credits extended in the GAP Region to those for the country in general is 5.2 %.

In the 2008 – June 2010 period, applications of 1646 companies were approved by Halk Bank and in total 309 million TL, 31 million USD, 23.3 million Euro investments and management credit was extended. Moreover, as of September 2010, the amount of the agricultural credit extended in the GAP Region was realised as 36 million TL.