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Works in Suruç Tunnel construction which is world’s 5th longest water transmission tunnel are continuing with speed.

Planning works of Suruç Tunnel which forms the most important stage of Suruç Valley Pumped :Irrigation has been iniated in year 1990; but was seen as a dream for a long time. Suruç Valley Pumped Irrigation construction has been tendered on December 25, 2008 within the scope of GAP Action Plan and work was physically started on the date March 18, 2009. As of today, tunnel of 2000 metres long has been completed, realization has been 25% and it is aimed that the project will be completed by the end of year 2012.

Suruç Tunnel which will have 90 tons amount of water per second to be flown from Ataturk Dam to Suruç Valley will have a bigger capacity than many rivers in our country. With Suruç Tunnel, Suruç county and 135 residence areas of 94.814 hectares will have modern irrigation. The project will provide 70 million USD annualy to national economy and direct employment opportunity to 190000 people will be made possible. Besides, thousand of people will be given opportunity of indirect employment.

TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) needed for performance of the project is World’s third biggest machine. It has a boring diameter of 8 metres and a length of 152 metres. Machine has been transported to our country from Italy with 300 trucks. When completed, it will be longest water transmission tunnel of our county and 5th longest in the World that was built with TBM technology.

Manufacturing period of the machine took 12 months and within this period, gallery and tunnel portal borings were completed of 1.101 m length and 7 metres diameter. Segment Factory that has 5000 metre squares of closed space for manufacturing of Segments that will be used in tunnel coverage, concrete facilities, and concrete cure facilities, laboratory buildings have been completed and manufacturing has started.

Installation of the machine has been completed and finished on August 21, 2010 with all tests performed and on this date, machine has started digging the tunnel. Daily development speed is estimated to be about 30-50 metres as finished tunnel. This machine that will end Suruç Valley’s longing for water is a first in our country both in terms of its gigantic size and its progress speed.