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Access Of Private Sector To Financial Resources Briefing Meeting Has Been Held In Diyarbakır

Briefing meeting on access of private sector to financial resources has been held in Diyarbakir between the dates January 28-29, 2011 in cooperation with GAP Regional Development Administration Presidency and General Secretariat of Karacadağ Development Agency. Representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, State Planning Organization, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Development Agencies, KOSGEB, public and private banks along with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Mister Mehdi EKER and Minister of State Cevdet YILMAZ have participated to the meeting held in Dicle University Congress Centre.

On January 28, presentations of Ministry of Agriculture on the subject of agricultural development, cattle breeding, and interest discounted agricultural credits and EU Assistances took place. Following this, a cooperation protocol has been signed between GAP Administration and KOSGEB. Following the speeches given by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Mister Mehdi EKER and Minister of State Mister Cevdet YILMAZ on 14:30, presentations on the subjects of KOSGEB's SME support, Undersecretariat of Treasury General Directorate of Incentive Application on the subjects of incentives were given. On January 29, public (Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, Vakıflar Bank and Kalkınma Bank) and private bank (Turkish Union of Participation Banks, İş Bank, Denizbank) representatives made their presentations. On the session that continued in the afternoon A briefing has been given to participants by Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization, Karacadağ General Secretariat of Development Agency, Dicle General Secretariat of Development Agency and İpekyolu General Secretariat of Development Agency on assistance provided by Development Agencies.