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Works on GAP Regional Organic Agriculture Set Development Project continue...


GO GAP Organic Roadmap Development Team:
Team Leader Conrad Thimm
Value Chain Expert Christoph Arndt
Organic Trade Expert Elisabeth Rüegg
Organic Agriculture Expert Fethiye Özberk
Organic Nutrient Expert Atila Ertem
Organic Textile Expert Mehmet Günak
Project Head Aslı Gargılı Kühl
Project Head Zeynep Büker Alyanak

GAP Organic Agriculture Set Development Project is a project applied within the frameworks of the action "Special quality regional development projects shall be applied." number 7.2 under the heading Agriculture under "Realization of Economic Development" strategic development axis of 2012 GAP Action Plan.

What Do We Aim with this Project?

The project aims the evaluation of agricultural potentials of the Region and set development works to be carried out in GAP provinces, primarily Şanıurfa in the field of organic agriculture and bringing organic nutrient, organic beverage and organic textile industries to a more competitive position.

How Long Will The Project Take?

The duration of the project that started with feasibility works in year 2009, is 4 years and is planned to be finished in year 2012.

What Do We Expect From the Project?

Economic benefits expected from the project is increase in export of organic nutrients and beverages, increase in export of organic textile and clothing materials, increase in employment in manufacturing industry, increase in employment in service industry.

Expected social benefits of the project is environmentally sensitive production, decrease in carbon release, decreasing negative effects to soil and water resources, decreasing negative effects to human health, increasing employment in manufacturing and service industry.

How Are We Going to Carry Out the Project?

The project consists of five components:

  • Component 1 : Organic Agriculture Set Development Activities
  • Component 2 : Pilot Applications and Demonstration Works
  • Component 3 : Trademarking, Presentation and Visibility Activities
  • Component 4 : Organic Agriculture Information and Innovation Center
  • Component 5 : Building Institutional Capacity

Organic agriculture set map will be given for the whole GAP Region primarily within the scope of the Project and set action plan will be brought in accordance with this. Pilot projects and demonstration works along with intensive education programs will be applied within this framework.

One of the most important outputs of this project is Organic Agriculture Information and Innovation Center planned to be established. This center which we expect will close the information, consultancy and education gap related to organic agriculture in our region, will be developed with support and direction of all related organizations and will continue giving service also after the project.

Where Will We Apply the Project?

Project will be applied in all GAP provinces and will be expedited and managed from Şanlıurfa.

Who Are We Going to Perform the Project With?

Our manufacturers, SMEs, related companies and non-governmental organizations, universities and research organizations along with related public authorities and organizations are going to form the target group of the project.

The success of the project depends on firm cooperation and communication between these stakeholders.


Setting is an organization model in which businesses that carries out activities in the same region and same work area, in the same value chain, cooperating with each other while also competing with each other having commercial relationships between each other and organizations that support them (universities, public organizations, research organizations, professional foundations, technology and innovation centers, banks, insurance companies, logistics companies etc.) come together.

Among known and proven benefits of setting, easing commercialization of innovation by supporting innovative activities, increasing effectiveness and employment, providing opportunity for "competition and cooperation" may be listed.

Furthermore, setting provides bringing out of information by creating a pool consisting of research institutes, suppliers and experienced-skilled managers, and hastens innovation by giving opportunities to scientific research with the help of local resources.


Organic Agriculture in the World:

According to 2008 data:
Area used for organic agriculture in the world is approximately 35 million hectares of land. Approximately 1.4 million farmers carry out organic agriculture activities in this area. Organic product market has reached 50 billion dollars in year 2008 in the world. A great portion of organic products are consumed in Europe, and primarily in North America.

Organic Agriculture in Turkey:

Years Number of Farmers Total Production Area (ha) Production (tons)
2002 12.428 89.827 310.125
2003 14.798 113.621 323.981
2004 12.806 209.573 378.803
2005 14.401 203.811 421.934
2006 14.256 192.789 458.095
2007 16.276 174.283 568.128
2008 14.926 166.883 530.225
2009 35.565 501.641 983.715

Source : TKB

Organic Agriculture in GAP:

2009 production amounts:

Provinces Number of Farmers Total Production Area (ha) Production (tons)
Adıyaman 52 2.256,76 6.559,81
Batman 6 338,69 1.519,76
Diyarbakır 28 356,48 777,41
Gaziantep 68 3.524,39 4.575,18
Mardin 35 1.450,41 8.954,58
Şanlıurfa 27 2.123,02 10.383,82
Total 216 9.729,75 32.770,56

Source : TKB

GAP organic agriculture set development project meetings.