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Press Visit within the scope of GAP Action Plan has been made with the hosting of Minister of State Mister Cevdet Yılmaz.

April 27-29, 2011

Works that have been initiated, hastened and concluded within the scope of "GAP Action Plan" since year 2008 aiming to hasten GAP, named as the biggest project of Republican history have been shared with local and national media representatives during the 3 day press visit organized by GAP Regional Development Administration with the participation of Minister of State responsible for GAP Mister Cevdet YILMAZ.

Suruç Pumping Irrigation Project Construction Site, Şanlıurfa Applications for Attraction Centers Support Program, Mardin Main Canal 3rd Stage (MC3) Construction Site, Ceylanpınar TİGEM Facilities, Mardin Historical Transformation and Infrastructure Project, Mardin Multipurpose Society Center (ÇATOM) and 3rd part Dicle-Kralkızı Main Tunnel Construction Sites have been visited during the visit.

Cevdet Yılmaz, setting up a press conference on the second day of the visit, has talked about tunnel and canal constructions, social, cultural and corporate projects realized in the region. Yılmaz has underlined the fact that that GAP investments have increased ten times with the action plan since 2008 and stated that the region’s potential has taken action with the involvement of local dynamics.

Minister of State has stated that the most important projects to be leaned on in near future are irrigation, infrastructure and transportation, underlining the fact that 20% of total irrigation potential of Turkey lies in this region. He stated that irrigation issue will be solved with the tunnels and canals realized and fertility in the region will increase. Yılmaz, emphasizing that economic development and tourism are important factors for the region too, has stated that region potential shall increase with the applied attraction centers program and SME support.

Minister of State Cevdet Yılmaz talked on important contributions of development agencies to the development of the regions and stated that agencies have gained an important place in grant programs in the last 3 years and grant amount given to support projects by development agencies have reached 660 million TL in the meeting held in Dicle Development Agency.

Minister of State Cevdet Yılmaz gave emphasis to the importance of the visit they made with press representatives to the region and stated that he wants to be together in the region again in the shortest time possible.